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5 Critical Job Description Elements In Your New Normal

COVID-19 has changed just about everything we do from wearing a mask, to washing our hands more frequently, to socially distancing from others. But it has also presented us with an opportunity to redefine the way we describe a job, where it gets done, what is most important, how it gets measures, and how everyone’s job is connected to others within an organization. In this webinar, special guest Jed Lindholm highlights five critical elements that will help your organization create new energy in your company’s jobs by organizing job elements in a way that aligns your company’s mission to each person’s current and future job.

What you'll learn

The current business environment can be used to effectively change our understanding of jobs (creating a better new normal).

To build your company’s Vision/ Mission/Strategy statements into each job.

Use interpersonal competency as an element in job equity and career progression.

Highlight job descriptions as an operational tool to actively measure and communicate job performance that helps both the organization and its people.

About the presenter(s)

Jed’s organizational behavior experience is shaped through 15+ years as a human resource leader. His experience includes work as a Change Agent, Director/Manager, and Internal and External Consultant. The consulting work he does through his company, HR Performance Possibilities, focuses on performance management, total rewards, HR analytics, and workplace learning, and his research and teaching experience includes the areas of organizational performance improvement, competency identification, and rewards management. Jed’s industry experience in human resources includes higher education, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, distribution and software where he has led projects auditing, designing and implementing total rewards programs, designing global job levels, building base and variable salary structures, developing compensation budgets, designing and developing sales compensation programs, and aligning performance management systems. He has extensive experience in developing and conducting workforce training programs in supervisor and manager training, communicating total rewards, and creating performance management systems. His clients have included public and privately held businesses, in for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Jed has published articles on competency modeling, leadership behavior, and measuring human resource programs. He has co-published two books on workplace competency and succession planning, and reviews articles for WorldatWork. His teaching experience includes work with Penn State and Clark Universities, and brings a global HR view from work in Israel, China, Singapore, and Poland.

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