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Are Your Job Descriptions Your Achilles Heel? – Search

For many organizations, job description management continues to be an overlooked area of HR and often a point of friction between line managers and their HR partners. It’s just a formality, right? Recruiting knows who to target, managers know who they want to hire, and job duties are fluid, investing energy in being precise in permanent job descriptions is unnecessary. The truth is leading organizations are finding that robust job description management is the key to moving faster and attracting the skills they need for growth. Join HRTMS and our partner PayScale to learn:

What you'll learn

The Role of Job Descriptions in HR: Understanding their centrality and significance.

The Tangible ROI: The real benefits of comprehensively knowing your jobs.

HR Tech Spending Dilemma: Balancing your investments between advanced HR technologies and foundational management of job descriptions.

Talent Acquisition Pitfalls: The hidden risks of neglecting job descriptions in recruitment and onboarding.

Employee Engagement and Productivity: How outdated job descriptions can impact morale and work efficiency and much more!

About the presenter


Don Berman

Co-Founder, VP of Sales & Chief Evangelist

Throughout his career, Don Berman has been a driving force in the world of HR and talent management technology, collaborating with both domestic and international companies to empower them with innovative solutions. As the co-founder and business development lead of JDXpert, Don was instrumental in the company’s pivot towards a job description-centric model, which has helped establish JDXpert as a market leader in job description management solutions. Currently leading the company’s sales, thought leadership, and partnership initiatives, Don’s unparalleled expertise and guidance are instrumental in shaping JDXpert’s direction and driving its continued growth.

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