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Best And Next Practices In Job Description Design And Management

Join us as Don Berman, an industry thought-leader in the area of Job Descriptions, shares state-of-the-art best practices to consider when creating and maintaining effective Job Descriptions. He will also discuss how other companies have used these practices, not only to afford themselves the protection that comprehensive and accurate Job Descriptions provide, but how they used their Job Descriptions to drive their most important HR initiatives.

What you'll learn

Why managing Job Descriptions is the single most critical issue in strategic HR

General guidelines for writing a strong Job Description

Legal dos and don’ts

How companies handle these Job Description basic elements and why: Job Summary/Purpose, Essential Functions/Key Responsibilities, Job Attributes, Physical Demands, and Qualifications

How handling Competencies, Skills, and Essential Functions properly can help you acquire, evaluate and retain top talent

About the presenter(s)

Don Berman

VP of Sales, Marketing & Partners at

Don Berman has spearheaded the adoption of HR and talent management applications and technology driven best practices at large and mid-sized companies throughout the U.S and abroad. As co-founder and VP of Client Services, Don was instrumental in evolving the focus of JDXpert’s Talent Management platform toward a job description-centric model that resulted in JDXpert becoming a market leader in job description management solutions.

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