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Implementing a more streamlined and organized job description management system






Job Description Management System


With more than 16,000 employees, this Southern California energy company develops energy infrastructure, operate utilities, and provide associated products and services to more than 32 million consumers worldwide. With such an expansive reach in their marketplace and vast number of employees, emphasis was placed on maintaining and managing their job descriptions, and their various versions.

The Problem

Prior to utilizing JDXpert, the company’s job descriptions were primarily Word documents, which were stored on shared drives and SharePoint sites. One of the biggest issues they encountered was version control. Multiple versions of job descriptions in various stages of revision, could exist alongside other job descriptions that changed based on current manager status, which was cause for confusion.

Southern California Energy (actual name withheld)

Company has over 16,000 employees

Develops energy infrastructure

Looking for a way to manage job descriptions vs. using word processors to keep track

Another significant issue was managing the timeline and record of when a specific job description was reviewed and who was involved in the review and approval process.

To address these issues initially, they created a core team consisting of select compensation professionals within each business unit. The team took best practices from each business unit to develop a consistent approach and process for all to use going forward when dealing with their job descriptions.

They recognized the need to implement a more streamlined and organized job description management system that could provide a single, centralized database to store all job descriptions, controlled access to job descriptions by business unit, easy and intuitive navigation for end users, workflow capability for reviews and updates with date and time stamp, and integration with an HRIS system.

The Solution

The team realized that JDXpert could meet these needs, and they felt comfortable with the implementation process and timeline. JDXpert has proven to be a valuable resource for this energy company, as the team is working towards having job descriptions for every job that has been reviewed, with updated documentation and tracking information. The company’s Compensation and HR teams are happy with the solutions JDXpert has provided thus far. The system and its ability to send out workflows makes reviewing and updating job descriptions much simpler than it has been in the past.


In the future, they will look to further integrate JDXpert with their HRIS and will utilize JDXpert to fill certain voids as they implement a large scale HRIS upgrade.

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