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As one of the nation’s largest, leading energy-delivery companies, this Northeastern organization has over 10,000 employees to provide a variety of energy products and services to its customers. Delivering electricity, steam, and natural gas to millions of customers while maintaining top safety and sustainability protocols requires a high level of recruiting, training, and retaining valuable employees within the organization. To accomplish their organization’s strategic mission, a strong performing workforce is imperative. The Human Resources team prioritized the need for implementing a new recruitment system and needed a way to make job descriptions available for Job Postings. They decided on an electronic system, with streamlined workflows and the ability to easily populate the Job Posting into the new Recruitment system.

The Problem

They formed an internal team with a mixed group of users to review the vendors and the possibility of building their own system to house their job descriptions.

North Eastern US Energy (actual name withheld)

Company has over 10,000 employees

One of the nation's largest, leading energy-delivery companies

Looking for a solution to implement a new recruitment system and a way to make job descriptions available for job postings

The various pros & cons of each option was presented to the Steering Committee along with a recommendation to go with JDXpert as the vendor of choice, as it was the best fit for their organization’s needs. Their business process was streamlined to work with the new job description system. Prior to choosing JDXpert, the organization managed job descriptions on paper and on SharePoint, with edits made in Word documents and approvals via email. They became cognizant of their inability to manage job descriptions effectively using this method when they could no longer guard against varying and duplicative versions. The job descriptions were filed by department so when there was a reorganization, it made them even more difficult to find.

The Solution

The HR team’s goals for the job description system were to: move away from paper job descriptions and store them in one location with better version control; streamline the approval process; and give managers self-service access to their own descriptions. To help gain acceptance and excitement about the move to JDXpert, the team provided in-person trainings, organized focus groups, and created an online training guide and eLearning classes for new users.

Since implementing JDXpert and going “live” in early 2018, the HR team has loaded over 2,200 job descriptions. It has been well received by both HRPs & Managers and works very well with the new recruitment system. JDXpert was configured to integrate with the new Recruitment system and streamline the review process. As part of their recruitment process, screening questions were added to each job description and then shared with the Recruitment System. The HR team enjoys how easy it is to create new job descriptions and revise existing ones, and notes, the AdHoc workflow is very useful for quick revisions and makes it easy for managers to share it with members of the HR team.


Now that the team is acquainted with the system, they have begun exploring more of what JDXpert offers and are now considering adding in Job Market Pricing and options in data-tracking.

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