Modern Job Description Management
For Today's HR Pro

Job descriptions are ever-evolving, making job description management an essential part of your HR maintenance program rather than a periodic whirlwind project. A software-driven job description management process streamlines the process, enabling transparency and collaboration and making updates and revisions a breeze.


Why JDXpert

Our AI-fueled library of hundreds of thousands of job descriptions can help you construct high quality job descriptions in no time.

Easily collaborate with others with our flexible workflow capabilities including ad-hoc review options for casual users.

Interface job information with just about any third party systems such as HRIS platforms, ATS and Talent Management Platforms.

Eliminate complexity and security risks with role-based security and workflow access.

Side-by-Side, Matrix Views, Similarity Scoring, Parent/Child, Reporting/Audit Trail and more.

Our debiasing feature highlights potential biased language found within your job descriptions. This helps ensure writers and reviewers can produce unbiased job description content for job postings that appeal to all qualified applicants.

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