JDXpert Content Sharing Programs (JDXCSP) Guidelines

JDXCSP, also known as Crowd-Sourced Content, is designed to allow members access to a library of detailed job description content that will help them to create higher quality detailed job descriptions of their own. Members provide access to content from their own job descriptions via the program and are in turn allowed access to the content of all other current and former members. All members must be JDXpert customers and access to the content library is provided only via a licensed JDXpert application (the “Application”), such as the JDXpert and MarketPay Jobs job description management systems. Membership may be established through terms included in the Application license agreement or by separate contract. Membership in the JDXCSP will be suspended if a member’s license to the Application is discontinued or, in JDXpert’s sole discretion, if a member violates these Guidelines or the terms of the JDXpert Early Adopter Addendum.

The data provided by members in the JDXCSP will be used solely to provide detailed content to JDXCSP participating members or to provide analytics that members may find interesting. Content will not be used for any other purpose. The content library will be made available in its entirety to all JDXCSP members except where indicated below. The library content as made available to users is not confidential or proprietary.

An JDXCSP member will have access to the following content presented as the member’s user uses the Application to write or revise a Job Description:

  • Content of their own Job Description
  • JDXpert provided standard Content
  • Content from Job Posting from the Internet
  • Content from O*Net Job Descriptions
  • Content library contributions from other JDXCSP members

The Application will present the user with commingled content (of the types listed above), and the user will be able to select text from the content displayed to incorporate into the user’s job description. JDXCSP members will not be able to download or otherwise access job description information contained in the content library.

Member content contributed under the JDXCSP may include the following elements:

  • FLSA Status
  • EEO Category
  • Industry
  • Job Family
  • Job Sub-Family
  • Job Summary
  • Essential Functions
  • Additional responsibilities
  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • Skills
  • Licenses and Certifications
  • Physical Demands
  • Working Conditions
  • Scope factors

JDXCSP members may NOT include:

  • Company specific organization or job information
  • Compensation related information
  • Personally identifiable information or any information about a particular employee
  • Confidential or proprietary information, whether of member or of any third party
  • Any content which violates any law or infringes upon any right of any third party, including intellectual property, privacy and publicity rights
  • Content of any kind that may reasonably be deemed to be harmful or offensive to other JDXCSP members

JDXpert will collect content from each member on a regular basis. JDXCSP content provided by members will be anonymized by JDXpert in the following manner:

  • As part of the Application configuration setup members will provide a list of words that the member would like to be removed from the content as well as replacement words for each for each word to be removed.
  • The Application provides the member with the ability to update and modify the replacement list.
  • JDXpert will access and apply the then-current replacement list when retrieving content from the member.
  • Replacement words will be substituted before the content is included in the content library for access by others.

Restricted Job Descriptions: Using the Application, an JDXCSP member may exclude specific job descriptions from collection for the shared content library, however, the number of restricted job descriptions cannot exceed 10% of the member’s total number of job descriptions included in the Application.

With the exception of restricted job descriptions, members are expected to keep the information contained in the shared elements of their job descriptions, when replacement list substitutions are applied, or otherwise  anonymized or otherwise, and to insure that such information does not contain personally identifiable or other private information. JDXpert will endeavor to respond to requests to remove identifying information inadvertently included in the JDXCSP, but undertakes no general obligation to review or anonymize such information beyond use of the member’s replacement list.

Each member agrees that the job description data that it shares through the JDXCSP is non-confidential and non-proprietary, and may be freely distributed by JDXpert and used by JDXpert and other members as provided as described above before and after any discontinuance of the member’s Application license.

The term “JDXCSP” refers to the current JDXpert Content Sharing Programs, as well as future versions of those programs and other offerings of JDXpert or its successors that incorporate the functionality described above.

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