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Job Descriptions: HR’s Foil or a Great Resignation Savior?

Drowning in job openings? You’re not alone. Though much of the uncertainty that came with COVID-19 has dissipated, employers across the United States and many other parts of the globe are faced with a new question not felt in generations, “why is hiring so hard right now and what can be done about it?” Under normal circumstances, job openings are a good thing; however, companies are struggling to fulfill orders, service clients, and care for employees because of labor shortages. In this webinar, job description expert, Don Berman of JDXpert will share an overview of the current state of our labor market and how the often-overlooked job description can be used as an underpinning to these suggested solutions.

What you'll learn

A statistical breakdown of the current labor market and how that translates to the day-to-day challenges of HR professionals

How job descriptions and technology can provide the tools needed to implement practical solutions retain talent, improve employee engagement, and diminish the burnout that leads to turnover

How to avoid hiring mistakes and their crushing repercussions in this labor market

How to foster a diverse talent pool by understanding the impact of job description wording

About the presenter(s)

Don Berman

Don Berman

Co-Founder and VP of Sales and Marketing

Don Berman has spearheaded the adoption of HR and talent management applications and technology driven best practices at large and mid-sized companies throughout the U.S and abroad. As co-founder and VP of Client Services, Don was instrumental in evolving the focus of JDXpert’s Talent Management platform toward a job description-centric model that resulted in JDXpert becoming a market leader in job description management solutions. Today, Don leads the company’s sales, marketing and partner efforts.

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