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Online Learning

JDXpert offers online learning courses to help our clients gain a comprehensive understanding of JDXpert. If you are a current JDXpert customer and would like to request access, please click below and fill out your request. If you are an administrator of the system, you can also gain access by going to “Help” in your instance of JDXpert and clicking on “Online Learning”.

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JDXpert Onboarding

If you’re new to JDXpert, sign-up for our Onboarding Course where you’ll learn how to navigate the system and successfully use the most commonly used features of the system.

Online Level Training

This training is available to those who have already completed the Onboarding Course and who want to access additional training on our newest platform. This is a level-based course, and available based on role.

Not on the new V2 platform yet?  Don’t worry, you can still request training on your current version by going here.

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Pay Equity and How to Achieve It

This eBook explains the importance of ensuring Pay Equity in your organization, steps you can take to integrate it into your business and HR strategy, and how job descriptions are integral to the process.

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