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Pay Equity in 2021 – Trends and Best Practices

Socioeconomic trends, public pressure, and federal and state legislation has forced companies to take a hard look at disparities in pay amongst their employees. Unfortunately, the events of 2020 have only widened these gaps, leaving companies racing for ways to upend these inequalities and prevent the financial and reputational risks that derive from allowing these conventions to endure. But where do you start and how can you build a path towards fair pay?

In this webinar, we welcome Ruth Thomas, Co-founder and Senior Consultant at CURO, as she walks us through ways to build a holistic strategy that addresses pay gaps, attracts top talent, and shifts the focus of equity beyond just pay.

What you'll learn

The enduring impact 2020 has left on pay equity

Why companies must act fast to address these inequalities

Pay equity trends of 2021

How job descriptions fit into the narrative of equity

How companies can benefit from a Pay Equity Audit (PEA)

About the presenter(s)

Ruth Thomas

Co-founder & Senior Consultant

Ruth Thomas is a co-founder and Senior Consultant at CURO. She is recognized industry expert and works closely with our clients to ensure they optimize their reward strategy execution utilizing our best of breed total compensation management tools.
Her interest in technology’s ability to transform traditional approaches to reward helps to drive our innovative product strategy. With over 25 years of Global HR and reward management she has international expertise in the management of compensation processes and the design of pay and benefit structures, salary progression systems and management incentive plans.
Her corporate experience includes Lloyds TSB Group, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Dow Jones Group and Credit Suisse.

Don Berman

Co-Founder VP, Sales & Marketing

Don Berman has spearheaded the adoption of HR and talent management applications and technology driven best practices at large and mid-sized companies throughout the U.S and abroad. As co-founder and VP of Sales & Marketing, Don was instrumental in evolving the focus of JDXpert’s Talent Management platform toward a job description-centric model that resulted in JDXpert becoming a market leader in job description management solutions. Today, Don leads the company’s sales, marketing and partner efforts.

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