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A Powerful Pair

MarketPay Jobs Powered by JDXpert gives MarketPay users access to the most robust and configurable job description management technology on the market.

MarketPay Jobs


Why MarketPay Jobs?

Our AI-fueled library of hundreds of thousands of job descriptions can help construct high quality job descriptions in no time. Select one of our jobs as a base and tweak it to meet your needs or MarketPay Jobs can suggest content as you write your job descriptions.

Flexible workflows including mid-flow changes, bi-directional workflows, custom workflows and more.

Integrate job information with just about any third party systems such as HRIS platforms, ATSĀ and Talent Management Platforms.

Eliminate complexity and security risks with role-based security and workflow access.

Side-by-Side, Matrix Views, Similarity Scoring, Parent/Child, Reporting/Audit Trail and more.

Companies with complex business needs can take comfort in knowing that the JDXpert platform that powers MarketPay Jobs, was designed to adapt and grow with them.

Record Breaking Wins

"The combination of MarketPay and JDXpert amplifies our impact, beyond compensation, to the enterprise at large. Adding JDXpert moves use of our combined platform out to HR Business Partners, Managers and in many cases all employees. Increased scope means increased deal size. UC Regents at $200K+ is just the beginning."
Don Berman
Co-Founder and VP of Sales & Marketing at JDXpert

How do I qualify prospects?

Don't worry, we got you!

  • Number of employees
  • Number of job descriptions
  • Global
  • Format and storage
  • Who owns job descriptions, pain points
  • Template requirements
  • Job description review process
    • Process and stakeholders (to cover both workflow and manager access requirements)
  • JD acknowledgements

To help you determine what product tier to suggestion, here is a simple decision tree to help make that task easier.

decision tree

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The Ultimate Job Description Playbook

Thursday, July 22nd | 2pm ET

Join us as Job Description expert, Don Berman, shares his ultimate guide to making job descriptions work for you today and preparing your organization for tomorrow.

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