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Rite Aid is the third-largest drug store chain in America and a leader in the retail healthcare space. They employ more than 51,000 associates in 2,500 stores across 19 states.

The Problem

Rite Aid is always recruiting talent, from entry-level store personnel to healthcare professionals and C-suite executives. Job descriptions were a constant source of frustration as they existed on multiple databases, shared drives, excel spreadsheets, and various other formats, platforms, and on individual employees’ computers. As a result, managing job descriptions was neither manageable nor sustainable.

Collaboration was cumbersome, as job descriptions needed to be shared with multiple contributors and could not be completed without an inordinate amount of back-and-forth. Creating new job descriptions was incredibly time-consuming because there was no clear path to completion. As a result, inconsistencies were commonplace, and from a leadership standpoint, it was clear that they were missing opportunities.

Compliance was also a critical concern. Once job descriptions were created, they had to be benchmarked against FLSA standards to ensure they met basic requirements – a time-intensive process, as if specific points were unmet, it could put them in breach of regulatory frameworks.

Rite Aid

3rd largest drug store chain in America

51,000 Associates

500 stores in 19 states

Company Bio

Since 1962, Rite Aid Corporation has been building a strong presence on both the East and West Coasts, making them one of the nation’s leading drugstore chains.

“In short, JDXpert has revolutionized what we do here every day. It’schanged and improved our processes for documenting, communicating, and assuring compliance at every stage. It’s simple to deploy, simple to use, and their customer support is second to none. If you don’t have a tool like this, you don’t know what you’re missing.”

Brad Robinson, Director, Compensation, Performance and Mobility at Rite Aid

The Solution

JDXpert was chosen by an independent consulting firm that Rite Aid had worked with on their job catalog, job descriptions, and career paths.

Before implementing JDXpert, multiple people contributed to the work from different parts of the business and with varying levels of expertise. JDXpert enabled them to bring all components together and got everybody working in one direction, with a single vision of the truth and a clear path from start to finish. From management to recruiters, business partners, executives, and compensation, there is now no ambiguity about who owns the process or who makes the changes. Everybody works together, and each stakeholder has a role to play.

By implementing the JDXpert workflow, Rite Aid shrunk their timelines to 75 percent over their previous process, ensuring their job descriptions are created, budgeted, and posted quickly.

There are many eyes on job descriptions in healthcare because of professional requirements and certifications for certain positions. Compliance is no longer a concern with JDXpert, as FLSA benchmarking is enabled during the creation process. The FLSA feature ensures that the finished job description immediately satisfies all compliance concerns right down to the most stringent regulatory details – a huge win for the Rite Aid team.

JDXpert also assures compensation is accurate to benchmarked pay grades for each job, even from a geographical standpoint, ensuring they send the right message to candidates.


JDXpert was implemented across the entire organization, facilitating collaboration between all stakeholders and business partners, improving the quality of their job postings, and shortening timelines by 75 percent – for about 20 percent of the cost of other tech solutions or consultancy-based services.

The JDXpert workflow integrates seamlessly into their system. As the job description process progresses, notifications are pushed out to personnel when it’s time for them to contribute; it’s a simple but effective way for the HR team to interact with executives and show the time and care they put into supporting their work.

HR generalists are responsible for many tasks, including payroll compliance, talent management, assessments, performance management, compensation, and more. JDXpert gives them a robust toolkit to manage all these functions so they can spend more time proactively engaging in strategic tasks and building value. It’s like “having an additional staff member or consulting partner at a fraction of the cost.”

From the Client

“I’ve been working on job descriptions for 35 years. I’ve worked with most of the products out there and claim to support job description writing and management, and they just don’t deliver. For a fraction of what you would pay for other tools, software, consultants, advisors, and outside expertise, you can have a process and tools that yield extraordinary value for your business. It’s not just affordable for the enterprise, it’s affordable for organizations of all sizes, so there’s almost no excuse not to have it. It supports your employee value proposition, your employment brand, and so much more.”
“Often, you invest a lot of time and money into a solution, and it’s never fully utilized or implemented. JDXpert is fully implemented in every way. It makes what we do so much less complicated. It’s built confidence between the business partners, compensation analysts, and recruiters – as a result, we’re one tight, unified team supporting one another more easily, and we’re better able to help the hiring managers who are in the trenches looking for talent.”

Brad Robinson, Director of Compensation, Rite Aid

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