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Check out some of JDXpert’s webinars for some helpful insights regarding popular HR topics. Our webinars are free and available live and on-demand. Our speakers are experts in their respective fields and love to share their knowledge. 

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Job Descriptions and the Future of Work

Technology will change the way we work tomorrow, and business disruption has changed the way we work today. We need to adapt to survive. The jobs of the future will look very different from those…

Are Your Job Descriptions Your Achilles Heel?

For many organizations, job description management continues to be an overlooked area of HR and often a point of friction between line managers and their HR partners. It’s just a formality, right? Recruiting knows who…

Pay Equity in 2021 - Trends and Best Practices

Socioeconomic trends, public pressure, and federal and state legislation has forced companies to take a hard look at disparities in pay amongst their employees. Unfortunately, the events of 2020 have only widened these gaps, leaving…

Best Practices For Compliant Job Descriptions

Keeping up with (and adhering to) ADA & FLSA provisions can be stressful; especially with the constant threat of costly sanctions. The Job Description is a high-visibility target. Most of us are probably more vulnerable…

Best And Next Practices In Job Description Design And Management

Join us as Don Berman, an industry thought-leader in the area of Job Descriptions, shares state-of-the-art best practices to consider when creating and maintaining effective Job Descriptions. He will also discuss how other companies have…

Job Descriptions in the Time of COVID

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has uprooted just about every aspect of our lives, including how we work. For those of us managing teams remotely, a new challenge has been introduced, how do we manage, guide, and assess…

5 Critical Job Description Elements In Your New Normal

COVID-19 has changed just about everything we do from wearing a mask, to washing our hands more frequently, to socially distancing from others. But it has also presented us with an opportunity to redefine the…

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Top Tips to Attract and Retain Talent

Thursday, June 17th | 2pm ET


Top Tips to Attract and Retain Talent

Thursday, June 17th | 2pm ET

Join special guests Amy Stewart and Kevin Smith from PayScale as they discuss how organizations can accurately articulate, document, and compensate the opportunities at their organization to attract and retain talent.

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