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Managing job information can be daunting. Without the right tools, crucial details can become outdated and disjointed. Enter JDXpert: we simplify this challenge, offering HR teams intuitive tools for crafting and reviewing job descriptions. Our platform turns fragmented data into actionable insights, fortifying recruitment, talent management, compensation, and compliance. Empower your HR processes and manage job information with unparalleled speed, control, and confidence.

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45 %

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Successful HR starts with Awesome Job Descriptions

From talent management, to compensation, to compliance, all of these initiatives require accurate, vetted and approved job information.  Accurate job information is the foundation of all of these initiatives.  If that information is faulty, these critical programs will be as well. With JDXpert, you can create and maintain up-to-date, accurate, job descriptions.  Since we’re integration-friendly, you can transmit that information to your vital HR systems, ensuring that all systems and processes are reading from the same playbook.

If you’re trying to manage your job descriptions with Word docs and emails, stop right now! Create consistency across your job description repository with tools designed specifically for managing job descriptions.

You may know how to write job descriptions, but do you know the intricacies of every job well enough to write accurate job descriptions? Of course not! With JDXpert, you can easily collaborate with managers and other stakeholders to build job descriptions that reflect the true nature of every job. 

We were the first to offer a solution solely dedicated to job description management. Over the years, we’ve learned a thing or two about what Compensation and HR professionals need, what they expect, and how to provide them with a robust, flexible & easy way to manage job descriptions.

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Are you struggling with your job descriptions? JDXpert is a web-based solution that allows you to bring structure and efficiencies to the way you construct, manage, and store job information.

JDXpert’s job description software comes with the largest, most complete job description content library on the market. With over 4,500 sample jobs descriptions, 1,200+ O*Net Occupations, Crowd-Sourced content and 270,000+ AI processed job postings from the web, writing job descriptions has never been easier.

JDXpert allows you to not only create highly customized workflows for your organization, but also lets you to change them on the fly. Occasional users can be looped in via email, without the need to login or navigate the system.

We strongly believe that the key to cohesive HR is to allow accurate jobs data to be seamlessly shared with your other HR systems. Integrate your jobs data with most recruitment, talent management, compensation planning, and HRMS systems including Workday, Payscale, SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle UltiPro and more.

Don’t get stuck using someone else’s idea of what a job summary should look like. Job description formatting (entry form and print outputs) is delivered with our best practice design but can be configured to meet your specific needs. Role based security defines each user’s access and editing rights for each element of the job description.

Don’t wait for overtime litigation or an equal pay or discrimination lawsuit before auditing your job descriptions’ ability to support you in court. JDXpert provides an archive of historical versions of all jobs, an FLSA determination wizard, job acknowledgements, manager attestations and more to help you support your compliance efforts.

JDXpert isn’t just a job description builder, it’s a robust, feature-rich platform that allows you to manage your job descriptions with ease. Features like side-by-side viewing, job comparison highlighting, similarity scoring and matrix explorer make analyzing and editing your job descriptions a breeze.

Value and Function

Identifying new software tools is a critical business practice. Choose the right tools, and you’ll see remarkable returns—on your financial investment as well as efficiencies gained. That’s why we developed an ROI calculator to help you and your team visualize and quantify the value they can expect from JDXpert.*

* Though predicting the actual ROI you’ll realized by our tool is difficult, our customers note a dramatic improvement in the time, effort and expense managing their job descriptions.


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