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Redefining Job Description Management for the World’s Largest Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Provider.


Irvine, CA


Alternative dispute resolution (ADR)




JAMS is an alternative dispute resolution organization headquartered in California with 30 locations worldwide. Founded in 1979, they handle more than 18,000 cases each year. As the world’s largest private alternative dispute resolution (ADR) provider, they manage a highly diverse panel of over 400 retired state and federal court judges, attorneys and other ADR professionals, with over 300 associates, including ADR systems design experts, and case management professionals for which they constantly recruit.

The Problem

JAMS’ HR team transitioned to a new HRIS platform in 2020 to manage their global workforce. Unfortunately, their HRIS does not have the job description management capabilities they need and are accustomed to. Before partnering with JDXpert and when the HR department was transitioning to their new HRIS, when a new job was to be created, the requesting department or manager would provide general, big-picture information to generate the job description. The HR department would then research the role and determine what would suit their business needs. The process would take a significant amount of time and require a lot of back and forth with the managers and department leaders. The HR team was also tasked with ensuring consistency within their job families with respect to experience, skills, and education. It was determined that, in addition to fostering efficiency in the drafting processes, the new system needed to integrate with the company’s HRIS and ATS platforms to reduce complexity and gain consistency across their ecosystem.


Reduced costs and time spent associated with compliance checks by outside council.

Simplified the job description creation process via centralizing their database and enabling simultaneous collaboration.

Aligned job descriptions with DE&I initiatives.

Founded in 1979, JAMS is the world’s largest private alternative dispute resolution (ADR) provider. Our panel includes more than 400 retired state and federal court judges, attorneys and other ADR professionals with proven track records and extensive practice area and industry expertise. JAMS neutrals and clients are supported by more than 200 associates, including ADR systems design experts and case managers with decades of experience.

The Solution

JAMS had a clear idea of what they were looking for, and of all the solutions considered, JDXpert was most aligned with their needs. JDXpert’s central database simplified job description creation, and the collaborative nature of the platform enabled multiple stakeholders to contribute simultaneously. Features within JDXpert align with industry best practices in terms of compliance concerns. As a result, JAMS was able to reduce the need to work on these efforts with external counsel, further reducing costs and time spent on their drafting and maintenance processes. Another feature of JDXpert that JAMS has appreciated is the ability to align job descriptions with their DE&I initiatives. JDXpert’s debiasing and compensation benchmarking features allow them to produce accurate job descriptions that appeal to a broader talent pool, thus improving their ability to attract new talent and support their performance management capabilities.


JAMS is still implementing workflows with hiring managers and department leaders in JDXpert. However, as they establish their new workflows, it’s been noted that the time savings have been significant. Those who have gone through initial workflows support the new process as they’ve found that it simplifies and streamlines tasks they already do, helping them accomplish significantly more in less time.

From the Client

“Our shift to JDXpert has provided us with a fresh, visually-appealing approach to job description management and consistency in our drafting process.”

Carolina Conticelli, Director, Human Resources at JAMS

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