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Although we cannot list all of our features, the list is just too long, below are a few of our customer’s favorite features. For a more in-depth look at JDXpert and what we can do for you, contact us today to schedule a demonstration.

Curated Content

Access our features library
to make job descriptions easy

One of the most difficult aspects of writing a job description is figuring out what to include. With JDXpert, you get access to the most extensive library of job information & features out there.

Our AI-fueled library of hundreds of thousands of job descriptions can help you construct high quality job descriptions in no time. You can select one of our jobs as a base and tweak it to meet your needs or JDXpert can suggest content as you write your job descriptions.

Choose from our curated sample library, crowd sourced titles from our opt-in clients, AI-processed job postings from the web, or O*Net occupations. Provided content includes summaries, essential functions, education, experience, KSAs, licenses / certifications, physical demands/working conditions, competencies and related interview questions for that job.

JDXpert’s content not only makes job description writing simple and quick but also drives consistency across your organization.

JDX Content Features Library


Get more team
members involved

It takes a village to write a job description, as the information needed to do an effective job resides with multiple stakeholders. JDXpert allows you to not only create highly customized workflows for your organization, but also allows you to change them on the fly.

Occasional users can be looped in via email, without the need to login or navigate the system, making rollout a breeze.

Include multiple managers, subject matter experts, HR BPs, legal (when appropriate) or anyone you wish, but preserve compensation as the final approver, to make sure your job library contains only vetted and approved job information.


JDXpert works well
with others!

We’re integration-friendly! You can integrate your jobs data with most recruitment, talent management, compensation and HRMS systems out there.

We’ve worked with Oracle, UltiPro, Day Force, PayScale, iCims, SAP, PeopleSoft, ADP, just to name a few. We also have real-time web service integration with Workday. Click here to learn more.

JDXpert integration
debias job descriptions

DE&I Support

Supports your
equity efforts

Our Debiasing Feature highlights potential biased language found within your job descriptions. This helps ensure writers and reviewers can produce unbiased job description content for job postings that appeal to all qualified applicants. Not only are you notified during the editing process, but we also include functionality that lets administrators evaluate their entire library for jobs that contain bias, saving time and streamlining the review process. Click here to learn more.

JDXpert helps you not only achieve job description best practices, but also provides additional features like side-by-side views and similarity scoring to help analyze comparable jobs and quickly identify disparities.

Configurable Templates

Customize features for
your needs

Job description formatting (entry form and print outputs) is delivered with our best practice design but can be configured to meet your specific needs.

Role based security defines each user’s access and editing rights for each element of the job description.

job description preview
Data Security Features Image


Safe, trusted
& easily accessible

JDXpert allows you to store your job descriptions in a safe environment and grant access to users of your choosing.

Easily create different versions of a job description or hide sensitive information from certain users.

Complete Job Description Archive


Detailed records

When litigation pops up or regulators visit, often the first thing they ask for is a copy of the job description that was valid at the time being contested. With JDXpert, you can easily access detailed job archives for each job description.

JDXpert provides a history of all changes to job descriptions over time on an element-by-element basis, including when the item was changed and who changed it. You can view a job description as it was at any point in time and easily compare different versions to see how a job evolved over time.

job descriptions archive features screenshot
job description form

Rich User-Defined Forms

Tons of
unique options

JDXpert delivers the rare combination of time-tested best practice with ultimate configurability. The layout of job descriptions and printed versions leverage best practice but are completely user configurable.

Powerful bullet list widgets let you capture any combination of data using drop-down lists, pop-up lists, tree views, radio buttons, etc.  Sophisticated data-entry validations assure users are entering valid, compliant job description information. 

Compliance Support

Keep track
of your records

Revision archives, FLSA Questionnaires, job acknowledgements, manager attestations and more allow you support your compliance efforts.

You can even mark jobs that are remote work capable or essential and create a set of essential functions, qualifications, physical demands and working conditions that can be shown during business disruption and revert to their original state once standard work resumes.

compliance features screenshot
stats and features chart

Job Analytics


Get specific

Search/filter jobs by virtually any job description element. Understand where jobs exist in your organization and incumbents and managers who inhabit them.

Get detailed metrics on jobs under revision, revision time and detailed workflow analytics.

Advanced editing features

side by side features


View job holistically, as a group - up to 20 jobs - in a user-defined vertical perspective to enable easy comparison and evaluation. This can be used to analyze a subset of jobs, field by field within a job family, sub-family, or any arbitrary grouping of jobs from your library.

highlight of features

Job comparison

Easily compare any two jobs, or any two versions of a particular job. The system highlights the differences between them, indicating what information is the same or different. For version comparison you can see what has been added or deleted over time and who made each change.


Similarity scoring

Display a list of the 20 most similar job descriptions for each job in the system. This feature uses an advanced algorithm that focuses on the words used in the job descriptions, not just the job titles. This lets you identify jobs that may be candidates for consolidation, parent/child hierarchy or bring to light unexpected pay equity concerns.

matrix of features

Matrix explorer

View all jobs in a grid-like, graphical fashion by job family, function and grade for easy comparison and drill down analysis.

More great features

JDXpert offers more features than you could imagine. If you have a particular feature or function you don’t see listed, be sure to reach out to a member of our team to discuss. We can always find a solution – that’s why we are the Xperts!

  • Dynamic Content
  • Parent/Child
  • Job Catalog
  • Employee Acknowledgments
  • Excel Import/Export
  • Manager New Job/Change Requests
  • Recruitment Support
  • Market Pricing/Job Evaluation Support
  • Career Architecture/Level Guide Support
  • SAML/Single Sign-on Support
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Multi-Entity Support

Dynamic Content

JDXpert completely changes how we manage our job descriptions by empowering technology to do much of the heavy lifting. Greatly reduce the manual labor and possible error behind managing your jobs by creating dependent fields. For example, if you have a level guide or career architecture, by simply supplying the level or grade, you can populate the job description with all the attributes that define that level.

dynamic content


Create base job descriptions that define common attributes among jobs or job classes and cascade that information to specific job-level “child” jobs. This is a huge benefit in terms of efficiency because you can dramatically reduce the effort in maintaining large groups of job descriptions. When you make changes at the Parent level, the changes automatically cascade across the associated Child jobs.

Parent Child functionality

Job Catalog

Enable employees to plan their careers via this easy access, read-only view of your job description library. This enables employees to drill down, view jobs side-by-side and easily analyze their next career move in your organization.

job catalog

Employee Acknowledgements

Employees can sign-off on their job descriptions via a simple workflow-based process. The system captures a digital signature and saves a copy of the job description that was acknowledged. This feature provides valuable protection against future legal claims and helps satisfy Joint Commission and FDA CFR Part 11 requirements regarding job descriptions.

job description acknowledgement

Excel Import/Export

All job description information can be easily exported to or imported from Excel. Automatically synchronize defined job description data among your applications with overnight batch import and export processes as well as ultra-simple mass changes.

Excel import export

Manager New Job/Change Requests

JDXpert provides structured processes that aid authorized managers in requesting new jobs and changes to existing jobs. In both cases, the manager can mark up a copy of the job description and then submit it to the HR/Compensation group for appropriate action.

job description update request

Recruitment Support

JDXpert provides powerful tools to extract and stage key information for your talent acquisition application. You can review and tweak the recruiting version of the job description before it is transmitted to your ATS. Also, JDXpert comes with a best practice interview guide which you can adapt to meet your needs to equip recruiters and managers with guidance and relevant questions to ask during the interview process.

ATS data transfer

Market Pricing/Job Evaluation Support

Reference market/benchmarking data or grade/range and incentive plan information from within JDXpert. This allows you to easily evaluate jobs across various grades or ranges. Integrates with PayScale MarketPay.

market pricing

Career Architecture/Level Guide Support

Use your career architecture/level guide as a yard stick to ensure that your hierarchy is enforced as users enter job descriptions. ​Load your career architecture or level guide into JDXpert and job descriptions will auto populate with your job family/sub-family definitions and level attributes automatically. When level information changes, change it in one place and it cascades throughout the library automatically.

job descriptions side by side

SAML/Single Sign-on Support

JDXpert supports single sign-on functionality utilizing the latest SAML 2.0 technology.

sign on screen

Multi-Language Support

English based job descriptions can be translated into as many as 76 languages that are supported by the Unicode Standard character set. JDXpert automatically creates a set of unique phases from your library, dramatically reducing the translation effort. JDXpert provides auto translate functions as well the ability for local speakers to vet and edit the job description and the associated job posting.

translated job descriptions

Multi-Entity Support

Large organizations or those subject to regulation may need to segregate job descriptions from different corporate entities, business units, facilities, regions or countries. JDXpert allows you to define multiple entities and share job description data across them, giving you centralized control while allowing customization at the entity level.

multi entity businesses

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