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If you find maintaining your job descriptions with ineffective job description builders or worse yet, Word and email, like trying to carve a turkey with a butter knife, then you need JDXpert. JDXpert is the leading job description management solution on the market. For over 10 years, we have helped our customers end the job description nightmare and enable better, more successful HR, compensation and talent management.

How we do job descriptions differently

We were the first to offer a solution solely dedicated to job description management; and over the years, we’ve learned a thing or two about what HR professionals need, what they expect, and how to provide them with a robust, flexible & convenient way to manage job descriptions. By focusing on Structure, Content, Collaboration and Integration, JDXpert allows you to create amazing job descriptions worthy of powering your most critical HR initiatives.


Create consistency across your job description repository by maintaining a uniform format and a structured process.


4,500+ Sample Job Descriptions
1,200+ O*Net Occupations
Crowd-Sourced Content
270,000+ AI Processed Web Postings


Allow Managers or anyone with relevant knowledge to suggest revisions to a job description while giving HR/Compensation the ability to accept, reject or modify those suggestions incrementally.


Empower your enterprise with accurate and approved job information: HR Management; Applicant Tracking; Talent Management; Compensation Software; and even Workday.

Learn how clients succeed with JDXpert job descriptions software

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